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• I need names of every adult who is staying.

• Don't move or remove anything from the walls.

• If you take anything outside that started inside, put it back. Nothing should be left outside. No cups. Nothing.

Kayak(s) need to be put back in the place and way they were found.

Umbrellas need to be put down when not in use. This is your responsibility and you will be charged for a broken umbrella. The wind will take the umbrellas if they are left up and cause damage to umbrellas and property.

• The garage is not available and should not be attempted to be entered( cottage # 2)

• Do not attempt to move the television or adjust it in any way.

• Please be kind to the septic system. Do not put anything other than small amounts of toilet paper into the toilet. Please throw feminine products in the wastebasket provided.

• This is a completely smoke-free house. There is no smoking or vaping anywhere inside the property or near the doors so the smell comes inside. You will be charged an extra cleaning fee of $250 for smoke and $10 for picking up each cigarette butt and/or deposit loss.

• No illegal drugs of any kind on the property at all. Ever. This is perfect calm, community environment for families, easy going friends and professional colleagues, but it is not allowed in any way to be used as a party house.

• If you break something, please let me know so I can replace it for the next guest.

• The cottage is clean upon arrival, please leave the cottage in the same clean condition when departing. For any required additional cleaning, there will be a charge of 100.00. Please clean up after yourself! Cleaning service is available for an additional fee. Arrangements must be made in advance. Basically if you do not want to clean it is best to ask for the cleaning service.


The home does not come fully baby proofed since a small percentage of my guests have littles.

Other Child Safety Notes

• The furniture is NOT anchored to the wall. None of it. Please watch your children at all times and make sure they don't climb on everything.

• It is your responsibility to make sure the chords on the window blinds are up. Like many blinds, the strings can make a loop creating a life-threatening hazard for littles. Please watch your children at all times and make sure the chords are looped up so the little people cannot reach it at all.

We are a waterfront property! You must watch children at all times. This is your responsibility. We have no lifeguard.

We also have a NO PET POLICY.

We love our properties and you will too. We just ask for your respect to our neighbors and our properties.

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